Tiverton Farm sanctuary

Tiverton Farm is Victoria's largest predator-free sanctuary

Banner image, Sheep at Tiverton Farm sanctuary. Photo by 2040

Tiverton is a 1,000ha working Merino sheep farm in Victoria's Western District that also happens to be home to a population of threatened Eastern Barred Bandicoots. Released in October 2020, the bandicoots are soon to be joined by a group of Eastern Quolls, the first time this species will return to the region in over 70 years.

Tiverton is demonstrating the leading edge in regenerative agriculture and threatened species conservation, having remarkable success in producing superior super-fine wool, through the amazing work of the Bandicoots in restoring soil carbon and proliferating native grasses.

Our impact at Tiverton has presented amazing partnership opportunities. Most notably we are working with local Australian hat designers, Will & Bear, on a partnership that supports regenerative farming and biodiversity projects for Australian wool growing properties, like Tiverton, with an aim to increase biodiversity for land holders.

Tiverton Farm manager, Tim Hill, releasing an Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Photo by Annette Ruzicka

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