Odonata working with companies

Align threatened species recovery with business goals

Odonata Founder, Nigel Sharp, and CEO, Sam Marwood, release an Eastern Barred Bandicoot at Tiverton. Photo by Annette Ruzicka

Businesses aligning with conservation of threatened species is critical to achieving our mission. It is also a unique and exciting opportunity for companies to be part of a sanctuary network, and help reverse climate change in a way that engages their staff and customers. 

By 2030 Odonata is saving 30 threatened species and we are inviting companies to join our partnership network in ways that suit the needs of your unique business.

We work with businesses to create the right collaboration for you, also enabling you to participate in exclusive events at our unique venues like Melbourne Skyfarm and sanctuaries like Mt Rothwell, and participate in our exciting projects such as the Great Australian Platypus Search.

Establish a sanctuary

The most bold and effective way you can work with Odonata to have a real tangible impact on reversing the extinction trajectory on threatened animals, immediately.

Transform your business

We work with leaders, entrepreneurs, biodiversity specialists, farmers and financiers to enhance the value creation and opportunity of businesses through corporate sustainability.

Brand and marketing partnerships

The Odonata team works with businesses to engage and inspire through conservation.

Our Corporate Partners

Tiverton Farm, Will & Bear, CJ Arms and Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund are all companies that are changing the nature of conservation in Australia. From product marketing and digital campaigns to contributing a percentage of sales, integrating threatened species on farms, and even realigning their businesses to conservation passions, each partnership has made a real difference.