All of Odonata's projects are backed by research

Our Scientific Advisory Group oversees research across all Odonata sanctuaries, which in turn informs and guides our work.

Banner image, Eastern Quoll at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James

Great Australian Wildlife Search

Odonata is using eDNA data to map wildlife distribution across Australia and further focus our efforts building populations of threatened species both inside and outside of predator-proof sanctuaries

eDNA sampling. Photo by Streamline Media

Predator Management - beyond the fence

Odonata is working to prepare species and landscapes for a future where predator-proof fences are no longer needed, allowing some of our most threatened species to thrive beyond the fence. 

Farm-scale Natural capital accounting

Odonata's Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting project works in collaboration with participating farmers to measure and communicate farm-scale environmental performance and natural capital management.

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