the Odonata sanctuary network

A network of threatened species sanctuaries across South-east Australia.

Banner image, Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby mother and joey. Photo by Annette Ruzicka

Odonata's sanctuary network, known to our team more affectionately as SEASON, is a key tool in our threatened species recovery work.

Sanctuaries have the ability to protect and enhance biodiversity and are a vital part of saving threatened species right now.

Odonata is building an integrated network of feral-proof sanctuaries modelled on our successes at our existing sanctuaries. Our current sanctuary network has proven, scientifically verified results, however there are too few and they are limited in their geographic spread. An expanded network of sanctuaries will provide scale, genetic diversity and threatened species population resilience by supporting a greater range of species and spreading the climatic and financial risks for insurance populations.

Our conservation designs are not as basic as putting up fences but rather focus on properties in areas with favourable biodiversity values.


Mt Rothwell Sanctuary

Mt Rothwell is the heart of Odonata’s conservation work.

Tiverton Farm sanctuary

Tiverton Farm is Victoria's largest predator-free sanctuary.

Orana Park Sanctuary

Orana Park Sanctuary connects wildlife corridors from Mt Kooyong to the Loddon River.

Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James