Bush Stone-curlew

Conservation status: Threatened

Banner image, Bush Stone-curlew at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Regen Studios

Bush Stone-curlews have extensive cultural and scientific significance in Australia, and help ecosystems to thrive across the country. Currently, these birds are deemed endangered in Victoria and New South Wales, their preservation is important for maintaining the balance of the environment and the cultural heritage of the country.

The Bush Stone-curlew, as a species, is significant for many Indigenous communities across Australia, including the Tiwi people of the Tiwi Islands and the Warlpiri people of the Tanami Desert. 

Established in 2019, the Mt Rothwell curlew colony has seen significant growth very quickly. As of 2023, the Odonata team is preparing to release a number of these animals into new sanctuaries and the Mt Rothwell population is set to be a leading source population of Bush Stone-curlews for sanctuaries Australia.

By sponsoring a Bush Stone-curlew today and you will help to fund the construction of their special aviaries on our sanctuaries. The materials, labour and construction of these soft-release aviaries cost $10,000 and once complete they play a very important role in  helping ease birds into their new habitat and ensure they settle and thrive in their new home.