Eastern Quoll

Conservation status: regionally extinct

Banner image, Eastern Quoll pups at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James

Odonata’s core sanctuary, Mt Rothwell, is currently home to the only wild, self-sustaining Eastern Quoll population on mainland Australia. Mt Rothwell has been a central hub for Eastern Quoll breeding, research and releases since 2002.

While Eastern Quolls continue to survive in the wild across Tasmania, it is classified as regionally extinct in Victoria, with populations wiped out in the 1960s mostly due to predation from foxes and feral cats. Reincorporating this species back into the landscape will lead to a wealth of positive biodiversity outcomes, as, like all native animals, the quoll plays an important role in its ecosystem thanks to its abilities to control a multitude of pest insects and even rabbits!

Having developed the most diverse, healthy and well-managed captive breeding program for Eastern Quolls on the mainland, Odonata is now preparing to release animals across our sanctuary network, beginning at Tiverton in 2022, with others soon to follow. Releasing Eastern Quolls at Tiverton will be an extremely important moment in history for this species, as it has not survived wildly in this region for over 60 years. Living alongside the Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Merino Sheep at Tiverton, the addition of the quolls will add another feather in the cap of this sheep-grazing-property-cum-predator-proof-ecosystem.