Odonata team visiting a Mastermin participant in NSW. Photo by Annette Ruzicka

Donate land

Donate land and stimulate conservation in Australia.

A land donation to Odonata is one of the greatest gifts you can give to support Australian conservation. Odonata conserves and protects nature and creates sanctuaries and breeding programs for Australia’s precious threatened species. Suitable donated land is linked to a network of corridors, safe havens and predator-free sanctuaries. We work towards reintroduction of mammals, birds and cornerstone species to protect and restore the whole ecosystem. Our sanctuary network protects not only from predators and declining habitat, but also mitigates the extinction impacts of threatened species populations from future natural disasters such as severe bushfires.

It may be the ideal solution if you have land of conservation value and you:

  • wish for it to be preserved;
  • do not use the land;
  • wish for it to be habitat for threatened species;
  • are looking for ways to reduce tax burdens;
  • would like the broader community to enjoy it;
  • would like to be released from the responsibility of managing the land.

Aligning your life's work with your values

A donation of land gives you the power to help shape the future of nature in Australia and save animals from extinction. It is a choice that makes Australia’s special places and animals safe for your loved ones and causes you care about the most.

When you give land, you give Odonata the building blocks of long-term landscape scale change across Australia that result in real, lasting change for threatened species and communities.

In return, you and your loved ones will receive invitations to events, featuring talks by our reserve managers and ecologists, guided trips to Bush Heritage reserves, and regular updates on our work.

What will be done with the land?

Odonata uses a range of mechanisms to save threatened species through land conservation, including:

  • Covenants;
  • Fenced sanctuaries;
  • Reintroduction of threatened species;
  • Protection programs;
  • Stewardship support;
  • Eco markets - natural capital;
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation;
  • Continuous expansion, joining your land with other conservations areas and wildlife corridors.

What would your land donation support?

A gift of land to Odonata would enable:

  • Permanent protection of habitats;
  • Joining of land to the SEASON network of conservation projects, and corridors linking natural environments across Australia;
  • Establishing new sanctuaries in order to share the burden with the conservation sector’s traditional champions, thus improve our prospects of arresting environmental decline;
  • Leveraging funds - our sanctuaries are built on sustainable business models (including farming, tourism, carbon offsets and corporate partnerships), which have attracted philanthropic funding and grants for one-off capital improvements (such as predator-proof fencing);
  • Promoting sustainable business models  - to grow the conservation sector, people need to appreciate the economic viability of protecting onsite biodiversity and bringing back lost biodiversity;
  • Facilitating the application of Traditional Owner land management, knowledge and practices.

Tax benefits for property donations

Since changes in 1999, the Income Tax Assessment Act:

  • Allows an income tax deduction in relation to gifts of property including land valued at more than $5000 by the Taxation Commissioner to eligible charities, regardless of when and how the property was acquired.
  • Allows apportionment (spread) of deductions over five years in relation to these property donations.
  • Provides a capital gains tax exemption for testamentary gifts of property (i.e. gifts made through a will or bequest).

For more information on tax incentives for property donations for conservation please visit The Department of the Environment or The Australian Taxation Office.