CJ Arms


For a better future

Banner image, Eastern Quoll at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James

CJ Arms is a Melbourne-based urban design firm working in the development and construction industry. In recent years, Odonata has developed a close relationship with CJ Arms, transforming their business to be a conservation force for good.

Together, Odonata and CJ Arms have supported tangible investment in alignment of our work and values, enabling a purposeful organisation of greater potential to emerge. Biodiversity and wildlife restoration has become embedded in the hearts and minds of all staff at CJ Arms, propelling a culture of innovation, high performance and community connection. The results have been outstanding in unlocking people’s imagination and identifying opportunities.

CJ Arms and Chris’ leadership, is a wonderful example of how impact can be embedded into organisational culture at any stage. Proven human centred results pair with surprising opportunities for innovation to better achieve business goals.

Their purpose now exists far beyond the original business model and focuses more on integrating nature into the built form and working to achieve their vision of ‘creating a better future for people, communities, and the environment’. This vision sits at the heart of the entire business – if a project doesn’t comply, they won’t do it.

The Odonata 7C’s have become deeply rooted within the work and processes at CJ Arms. By repositioning the business, CJ Arms remains a respected thought leader in its sector, but it is now trailblazing well-considered, nature focused design at a commercial scale.

In addition to direct financial support, CJ Arms honours this partnership through an array of really special projects: founder, Chris Arms, is an advisor for the Wild Idea Incubator, providing specialist knowledge and guidance to Wild Idea participants and their up and coming business ideas; CJ Arms is providing technical support for Odonata work on the Barooga wetlands, which is regenerating turtle wetland habitats at Sunland Fruit Farm; and CJ Arms will be instrumental in the much anticipated release of Eastern Quolls at Tiverton in 2021.

Odonata recognises CJ Arms and congratulates them for demonstrating the value of our work to benefit all organisations that choose to give directly and become closely involved with protecting threatened species. Our partnership propels us all to greater achievements for business and biodiversity.

Mt Rothwell. Photo by Majell Backhausen