Corporate Partnerships


We partner with companies to enhance the value creation and opportunity of their business through corporate sustainability

Eastern Quoll at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James

Whether you are a small start-up or a global enterprise, a service or product provider, the Odonata team works with businesses to engage and inspire through our conservation work. Marketing and brand alignment with Odonata projects and animals has the power to  engage your customers with a unique differentiator.

Working with you and through your marketing and front line sales teams this sponsorship is a unique way to achieve your branding and sales objectives, aligning your brand and product to the values of your target customers and positioning you with a unique product story. Odonata will work with your creative team to develop a strategy that engages your staff and customers. Marketing and brand alignment could include a variety of creative pursuits and measurable results, such as:

  • Whole of brand alignment;
  • Social media collaboration;
  • Unique promotions to boost sales at key times;
  • New product or specific product alignment;
  • Unique and exclusive marketing campaigns for purpose;
  • Percentage of product or all sales towards specific animals and projects;
  • Brand presence at high profile events.

Tiverton Farm sanctuary. Photo by Annette Ruzicka