Field Officer

Sheryl is a qualified horticulturalist with over 17 years’ experience in the environmental sector. Working with the on-ground team at Mt Rothwell, she plays a key role in monitoring and supporting the differing ecosystems of the Odonata sanctuaries, ensuring they remain predator free and closely protected.

Thanks to her tertiary qualifications in horticulture and conservation and land management, Sheryl is well placed to conduct the pest management, of both plants and animals, across Odonata sanctuaries. Additionally, she delivers and guides programs for the university, secondary and primary school groups that come through Mt Rothwell on a regular basis.

Prior to joining the Odonata team, she worked in array of roles at differing organisations such as Green Corps, and notably prepared ecology reports for assessment by VCAT in 2019.

Sheryl approaches every task with an admirable level of positivity and a great deal of empathy. Her can-do attitude has made her an asset to the team, particularly during the 2020 Eastern Barred Bandicoot translocation to Tiverton, as well as day to day in her work supporting Odonata’s captive and wild species breeding programs and pest control efforts, which have greatly extended Mt Rothwell’s rabbit free areas.