Nigel Sharp

Chairman & Founder

Nigel is one of Australia’s leading innovators of biodiversity conservation. He is an environmental impact investor, conservationist, and business innovator. He builds and invests in “nature-first” businesses, which have a tangible, positive impact on nature and the community, while remaining profitable, successful companies. He is passionate about empowering all businesses to embrace biodiversity in new ways, and this dedication has led him to the leading edge of biodiversity impact investment.

Nigel founded Odonata in 2016 aiming to work towards building a more sustainable planet by designing and managing financially sustainable conservation projects, educating the public and empowering businesses to embrace biodiversity.

Additionally, he is the CEO of Tiverton Rothwell Partners, an impact investment company focussed on building biodiversity for natural capital value through regenerative agriculture, biodiversity sensitive urban communities and nature conservation. He is also the CEO of Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund, which was established by Nigel and Harry Youngman in 2016. The Fund currently holds in excess of $200m in assets, including Sunland Fresh Fruit - one of Australia’s largest stone fruit orchards - and Juanbung, which is the site of a globally significant conservation project to restore The Great Cumbung Swamp, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.