Communications Manager

Hilary is a qualified communications professional with experience across print and digital publishing, social media management and journalism. In her role at Odonata, she manages our media presence, messaging and brand, as well as supporting the broader team with the coordination of projects.

She has a Master's in Communications, specialising in writing and publishing, from RMIT University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from University of Melbourne. Before joining the Odonata team in 2020 she held positions as Hardie Grant and Goldeneye Media, and was first introduced to Odonata while interning with Dumbo Feather magazine.

Hilary is passionate about storytelling and bringing content to life in a way that inspires action, gives people energy and something that they can tangibly relate to. In 2021, she managed Odonata's Great Australian Platypus Search, coordinating our extensive group of citizen scientists and 15 project partners to collect groundbreaking eDNA data from 2,000 sites across Victoria.