Biodiversity Project Coordinator

Dale delivers on-ground results across Odonata’s sanctuary network, playing a key role in conserving and managing threatened species and restoring their habitat across the Odonata sanctuaries, as well as beyond the fence.

She has held various positions across the environment sector, previously working with the likes of Great Ocean Road Coast Committee and Zoos Victoria before joining Odonata’s on-ground team at Mt Rothwell.

During the 2019/20 bushfires, she played an instrumental role in the Southern brush-tailed rock-wallaby rescue mission as well as helping to breed, catch and finally re-home the Eastern Barred Bandicoots at Tiverton in 2020.

Based primarily at Mt Rothwell, Dale also works closely with our network of volunteers. She has a gift for collaboration, bringing harmony and positivity to any group. She also volunteers herself on weekends at a local food relief centre.