Biodiversity Director & Mt Rothwell General Manager

Annette has been working in conservation since 2003, developing a niche for merging scientific research with rolling applications efficiently on the ground.

Specialising in captive management, Annette has a unique ability to release and transition native Australian species, applying her skills to populations of Eastern Quolls, Southern Brush-tail Rock-wallabies, as well as various Bandicoot, Potoroo and Bettong species and Bush Stone-curlews.

She currently sits as chair on the recovery teams for multiple threatened species, assisting in guiding these groups through methodologies and practices that aim to breed, support and finally de-list these threatened species. Under Annette’s guidance Mt Rothwell has boasted being home to 80% of the mainland population of Eastern Barred Bandicoots, efforts that in 2021 resulted in this species being de-listed from extinct to endangered in Victoria. She has led recovery efforts for two thirds of the entire Southern Brush Tail Rock Wallaby population and is currently sustaining the first one of the two largest populations of Eastern Quoll populations on the mainland (the only other being at our sister property at Mulligans Flat).