Corymbia sanctuary

A farm creating its own carbon credits while saving threatened species

Banner image, Koala. Photo by Stefano Borghi

Corymbia Sanctuary is the result of a collaboration between Odonata and the Star Entertainment Group that has materialised as a 170-hectare parcel of farmland in South-East Queensland. For The Star, this property will play an important role in helping to manage its future carbon emissions reduction and to support biodiversity and native forest regeneration.

The land near Gympie will be used as a carbon credits project, which will also create a partnerships with local farmers and through wide-scale tree planting support endangered species, particularly koalas, with new habitat.

This sanctuary is an example of a partnership with Odonata that gives an organisation the opportunity to use their carbon offset goals as the main driver of value in the business, people and communities, with no real additional costs. For every hectare The Star operates across its three resorts in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it aims to re-wild three hectares, and a minimum of 100 hectares - with this sanctuary being at the centre of this goal.

As the Star Entertainment Group's head of Sustainability, Amanda Visser has a clear vision for the Star's potential for impact on an environmental level. A lot of businesses are often at a loss at what to do in that space. Working with Odonata, Amanda was able to marshal and direct support for this project that will have far reaching positive impacts across all ESG measures.


Star Entertainment Group’s Head of Sustainability, Amanda Visser, Odonata CEO, Sam Marwood and Star Gold Coast Executive chef, Uday Huja. Photo by Star Entertainment

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