Safe passages for wildlife

Wildlife corridors connect our sanctuaries and species to each other and a future beyond the fence

Banner image, Eastern Quoll at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Pete James

Corridors are critical to ensuring wildlife can thrive outside predator-proof sanctuary fences and healthy ecosystem services. Odonata is working with our partners to create corridors in strategic locations now.

Supporting and participating in collaborations such as the Victorian Landscape Conservation Partnership (VLCP), are an example of how Odonata seeks to promote innovation and action through wildlife corridors. We work to catalyse investment and empower businesses, landholders, farms and all people to be involved in creation of sustainably managed and protected corridors, while also building our research to help our animals survive and thrive outside sanctuary fences in the future.

Our sanctuary network and landholder partnerships, along with data collection and research programs, are contributing to the potential for a strategic national plan for corridors. Odonata’s work with our partners has also established the following corridors:

  • Picardy Station
  • Kilkivan Farm
  • The Great Cumbung
  • Glenmore Biodiversity Corridor
  • Sunland Orchard

Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Photo by 2040