Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund


Enriching the Land for the good of people, planet and investors.

Banner image, Bush Stone-curlew at Mt Rothwell. Photo by Majell Backhausen

Odonata is central to the delivery of Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund’s (TAIF) purposeful and important mission. TAIF invests in food production and other businesses, aligning regenerative agriculture, biodiversity solutions and natural capital value. With this leading approach, we work with the TAIF team to deliver superior returns for investors and significant positive results for the community and environment.

TAIF and Odonata’s work together demonstrates that sustainable economic, environmental, conservation and social benefits can be achieved concurrently to deliver significant agricultural investment returns, highlighting that each of these outcomes are in fact, interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

TAIF utilises the Odonata 7Cs as an impact program logic framework that drives strategic direction and value creation across all operations. Using agile approaches and adaptive management, we work together on a continuously evolving program of impact projects and initiatives, with TAIF and Odonata mutually benefitting from many collaborations, research programs and initiatives, particularly related to regenerative agriculture. Concurrent to this rolling initiative program, TAIF also continues to focus on major projects that have seen it rise to the top of innovation in regenerative agriculture and biodiversity for natural capital value creation.

Major achievements

Orana Park Sanctuary
Integrated with a regenerative agriculture operation, Orana Park Sanctuary is situated adjacent to TAIF’s broad acre cropping, olive grove and liquid biofertliser production facilities. Importantly, it connects wildlife corridors from Mt Kooyong to the Loddon River. The Odonata team is working with TAIF to prepare the sanctuary, removing predators, monitoring and surveying existing wildlife, and preparing a thriving habitat for the release of threatened species bred at Mt Rothwell Sanctuary.


Sunland Turtle Habitat

The 1 Million Turtles Program, in partnership with University of Western Sydney, is an Odonata and TAIF collaboration with community, that has created a sanctuary and safe breeding habitat for threatened turtle species, within TAIF’s Sunland Fresh Fruit Orchard.


The Great Cumbung Corridor

Also known as the ‘Kimberly of NSW’, TAIF's work at the Great Cumbung is a globally significant conservation project, run a collaboration with the Nature Conservancy. Together, we are working to ensure the long term protection of Australia’s largest remaining reed swamp and wetlands within the Murray Darling Basin. Odonata continuously works with TAIF to support rejuvenating and protecting this vitally important wetland and red-gum forest.

2020 bandicoot release at Tiverton. Photo by Annette Ruzicka