Eastern Quoll

Conservation status: regionally extinct

Banner image, Eastern Quoll at Mt Rothwell. Photo by HW DF

Eastern Quolls have been considered extinct on mainland Australia since the 1960s though they are slowly returning thanks to select predator-free ecosystems in Victoria and NSW. Their preservation is important for maintaining the balance of the environment and the biodiversity of the country.

Having developed the one of the diverse, healthy and well-managed captive breeding programs for Eastern Quolls on the mainland, Odonata is proud to have not one but two sanctuaries with thriving Eastern Quoll populations, at Mt Rothwell and Tiverton. Living alongside the Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Merino Sheep at Tiverton, the addition of the quolls will add another feather in the cap of this sheep-grazing-property-cum-predator-proof-ecosystem.

Eastern Quolls are a natural predator, living mainly off of small insects such as crickets, however they also have an appetite for rabbits, mice and rats, helping to control populations of these introduced pests. By sponsoring one of these little carnivores you will help fund Odonata’s work re-establishing populations on the mainland so that these iconic animals can live wildly across eastern Australia once again.