February 2023

Bringing Nature Based Therapy to Mt Rothwell


Photo by Majell Backhausen

NTT UD Australia (NTT UDA), CJ Arms and Odonata have joined forces to begin works on the Mt Rothwell Nature Based Therapy Exploration Project.

An opportunity for our central threatened species sanctuary site to be accessed by a new demographic, this concept aims to explore the power of nature as a tool for healing and well-being as well as a means to promote health in humans.

NTT UDA was established in Melbourne in 2011 and since its conception has become a prominent residential land development and commercial office business. NTT UDA’s key values of integrity and innovation couple perfectly with Odonata’s pursuits to develop a nature-based therapy hub at our Mt Rothwell sanctuary. Responding to the growing amount of research and public understanding that nature is a powerful force in promoting and improving physical and mental health issues, the Mt Rothwell Nature Based Therapy Exploration Project is being realised as an accessible, fit-for-purpose venue. Previously, our central sanctuary has been a force for nature that protects threatened species and restores biodiversity, however this project is an opportunity for it to be appreciated from a new angle and its true potential to be unlocked on an all new level.

Sharing a passion for finding new ways for the natural world and the community to sit side by side, Odonata and NTT UDA will work with CJ Arms to scope the business plan for this project and design the nature therapy hub. All parties agree that fitting the building into the landscape is integral to the success of the project and each will be able to use uniquely use this project in the future as a case study for their business of how nature and wellbeing come together harmoniously.

There are many exciting things on the horizon for Odonata, however this new foray is particularly meaningful. Opening new doors for the sanctuary network but also understanding the deep connections between our physical health, mental health and the natural world will provide our team with a wealth of knowledge that will surely trickle down through all of our work and projects providing a multifaceted perspective that keeps the community’s needs at the centre of our work.